Monday, June 6, 2011

Watermelon Lemonade

Liquid Watermelon is almost more delicious than chilled chunks. And liquid melon mixed with lemonade can only be described as Summer in a Glass.

What you need is

1 Watermelon
1 Lime
1 Blender
1 Sieve
1 Pack of Cheesecloth
1 Radio, IPOD, CD or some such audio entertainment as this is the tedious part. But don't fret the payoff is huge.

Chop your melon into about 1 inch chunks. Set up your sieve and cheesecloth over a large measuring bowl or regular bowl, placing the cheesecloth over the sieve. This step is only necessary if you want perfectly strained melon juice. Being careful to not overfill your blender, liquify your melon in batches and strain until you have about 6 cups. then add the juice of 1, just 1 Lime.

Mix this with 8 cups of a lemonade of your choice. If you want my recipe. Here you go.

3/4 cup Freshly Squeezed Lemon juice
1 cup Sugar
7 cups Water

Mix well and ENJOY!

As always

Rum (white)
Haven't tried Bourbon or Tequila. Let me know!

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